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UZI Submachine Gun (Not Currently in Production)

The Uzi submachine gun is one of the best known of the post WWII sub guns. Designed by Uziel Gal, an officer in the Israeli Army the Uzi is quite similar to the Czech ZK 476.  The Uzi has been manufactured by at least several countries,  has fought wars and battles, been featured on the news (prominently wielded by Secret Service during Reagan assassination attempt) and been in countless war movies to the extent that is has become an icon.

The Uzi would never have achieved this if were not a good gun. It uses modern manufacturing techniques - pressed steel, investment castings, and injection molded plastic, with a minimum of expensive machining. The Uzi also features a grip safety, easy reloading with the magazine going into the grip like an automatic pistol, a compact design popular with vehicle and paratroops, and is very reliable and easy to control when fired. The gun has two stocks - a wooden stock and an ingenious rigid folding stock that is better than most.

The Uzi receiver is a formed/pressed steel "U" shaped housing with machined or investment cast parts welded to it to finish it. The bayonet lug, threaded barrel housing, feed ramp and  trigger housing mounting lug are all separate parts welded to the main housing.

Our receiver is machined from a solid bar of steel. All of the external contouring is exactly duplicated, and the parts that would otherwise be welded on, are  machined out of the bar and are an integral part of the receiver. So to work with our receiver requires no grinding/filing/removing of these parts from pieces of a torched receiver, and the necessity of welding them to a housing. Note also that the ATF considers a raw formed housing a firearm, even without the pieces welded on, and requires them to be serial numbered and they can be sold to Federal Firearms Dealers only. Our receiver is certified by the ATF as a non-firearm and can be ordered direct.


Features of Phila. Ordnance 80% Machined UZI receiver
  • Fully contoured like original

  • Drilled for barrel, threaded for barrel nut.

  • Bayonet lug machined

  • Front grips attach with original screws

  • Trigger housing mounting slot and lug machined

  • Magazine insertion port machined

  • Will accept wood or folding stock

  • Ejection port machined

  • Feed ramp/barrel ring machined

  • Mounting pads for front and rear sight machined and ready to accept sight bases/guards from your parts set.

  • No welding required

  • Receiver will not accept bolt.

  • This 80% receiver is a non-firearm and can be ordered direct.

  • Receiver can be used to make a dummy gun, a semi-auto, or can be finish machined to full auto by Class 2 manufacturer.

  • Not in Currently in Production

Note on UZI 80% receiver:

It is not legal to finish this receiver into a machine gun without the proper license. You can make a non-firearm (DEWAT, blank gun). You do not need to be a licensed manufacturer to make a legal type (semi-auto, single shot) firearm for your own use as long as it is not for resale. Contact ATF for guidelines on the manufacture of legal semi-auto rifles or blank fining devices.