Swedish K/Carl Gustav M45 Submachine Gun
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Swedish K/Carl Gustav M45

The Swedish K submachine gun is a good design, however, its fame in this country is almost entirely due to it being highlighted as a "weapon of choice for SEALS in Vietnam" back in the late 1960's. and as a result it has become a favorite of armchair commandos to this day. Perhaps an additional boost is its notable similarity to the Smith & Wesson M76. The Swedish K is fashionable to mention when the topic of SMG's comes up. But outside the dens and gunrooms of the "experts" the gun is, and always has been very rare in this country. It was not issued or used by any of our military services, nor was it featured in any war movies - a sure ticket to fame. There are few transferable guns available to collectors.

But the Swedish K is a good gun. It is simple, reliable, and easy to  load, shoot, and maintain. The gun is compact, has a rigid, useable folding stock, and is blessed with an easy-to-load double row magazine which does not need a loader, the cartridges being pressed straight down into the body. Its easy to field strip and clean, and has a quick change barrel. Its sturdy, flat, and rugged. When shooting, it is well balanced, handy, and easy to control for long bursts, due in part to the "in-line" design of the stock. Its a better gun than the STEN, MP-40, and M3.

In spite of all this the gun was made briefly and in relatively small quantities. The early Swedish guns had a removable magazine guide which allowed the gun to be used with the high capacity Suomi mags, but the gun works and handles best with the excellent 32-rd standard mag. The gun was also produced under contract by the Egyptians at the Port Said armoury. These guns are absolutely perfect copies - very high quality and all parts that have been examined here are interchangeable between the Swedish and Egyptian guns. The only real distinction is the markings.

The original gun has a sheet steel receiver formed into a round upper section for the bolt to ride in, and the same piece is formed into a flat rectangular section where the lower frame parts and mechanism are riveted into position.

Features of the Phila. Ordnance Swedish K/Carl Gustav M45

Our 80% receiver consists of an upper 1026 steel tube which is the correct inside diameter for the bolt and receiver extension. The rear of this tube is machined to accept the lugs of the end cap which fits right on.

  • The lower housings are machined from 1018 steel blocks. The front housing is bored for the ratchet which locks the barrel jacket nut, has the guideway machined for the front of the magazine, and is drilled for the "U" shaped pin which holds the removable magazine housing. All rivet holes are drilled.

  • The rear housing is machined for the magazine catch assembly, the trigger, and has a long slot machined in the back to accept the long tang of the folding stock assembly. All rivet holes are drilled.

  • These front a rear lower housings are attached to the upper tube with steel machine screws. They can be removed and reattached and will be in the correct position.

  • As with our other tube style receiver the 80% receiver does not have the ports or slots machined. An engineering drawing (not a stick-on template) is provided.

Special note on Swedish K/Carl Gustav M45

This receiver can be used by Class 2 or Class 3 license holders to make working guns, or buy individuals to make semi-auto, blank, or display models.

This receiver as sold by us is ATF approved as a non-firearm and can be ordered direct. Please consult ATF if you have any questions on your project.

PRICE: $265.00 add $30.00 for Parkerized finish