German WWII MG-42 Machine Gun
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German W.W.II MG-42 Machine Gun

The MG-42 is one of the great guns. Designed and produced during W.W.II when the Nazi war machine was at its apex, the MG-42 used the same new manufacturing techniques introduced with the MP-40. Where previous guns had been painstakingly machined from bars and forging, using interlocking parts assembled with screws, pins, or rivets, most of the MG-42 was pressed, folded, induction welded steel. Most of the precision in the gun is in the bolt and barrel extension.

In addition to manufacturing breakthroughs the MG-42 has another feature which makes one of the most famous and feared guns ever built: a rate of fire over 1000 rounds per minute. This out of a gun that can be carried and shot by one or two men. Fewer troops were needed to lay down suppressing fire while others maneuvered. There is no gun that sounds, or shoots like an MG-42. A 50 round belt disappears in a few seconds.

The MG-42 has a legitimate, simple, quick barrel change. The feed cover design is used in several modern weapons. The gun is still made and used, virtually unaltered by Germany as the MG3. For many years after the war, the MG-42 was made by Yugoslavia as the MG-42/56.

Features of Phila. Ordnance 80% Machined MG-42 receiver
  • Receiver is machined , fully contoured, with lightening cuts, from a solid steel bar
  • Receiver attaches to barrel jacket under bolt cam bracket so joint is not visible
  • Buttstock/buffer assembly attaches and removes 1/4 turn like original
  • Cocking handle fits in track and slides
  • Trigger housing attaches like original
  • Ejection port cover fits
  • Feed tray and top cover attach like original
  • Barrel change lever works, barrel can be removed/installed
  • Price: $595.00
  • add $30.00 for Military Blue
  • add freight and insurance

Note on MG-42 80% receiver:

It is not legal to finish this receiver into a machine gun without the proper license. You can make a non-firearm (DEWAT, blank gun). You do not need to be a licensed manufacturer to make a legal type (semi-auto, single shot) firearm for your own use as long as it is not for resale. Contact ATF for guidelines on the manufacture of legal semi-auto rifles or blank fining devices.