German WWII MG-34 Machine Gun
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German W.W.II MG-34 Machine Gun

The MG-34 was the first general purpose air-cooled machine gun to appear as a replacement for the bulky water cooled guns of the previous generation. The Mg-34
introduced for the first time on a large scale features such as quick change barrels, bipod/tripod mounting, and metallic belts which are now considered standard. The in-line design where the stock is linear with the bore has been copied by everyone. The gun had a myriad of accessories, the most notorious being the complex tripod which has a recoil operated ratchet assembly which automatically moves the gun for searching fire.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the MG-34 is the astonishing quality and complexity of the machine work used to make many of the parts - especially the receiver, bolt, and barrel jacket. Many think the Germans were showing off their skill in the manufacture of this gun.The MG-34 has acquired a little bit of a bad rap over the years as being "too precisely" manufactured, but a gun in good condition, properly maintained is extremely reliable and a joy to shoot.

Right now the MG-34 is very popular because parts sets - frequently in almost new condition, are available at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to make the gun today. Frequent appearances in movies and documentaries has kept the MG-34 on the front page even though it is almost 70 years old.

Special note on MG-34 80% Machined Receiver:

Our 80% machined MG-34 receiver is the only receiver available which is the same machined quality as the original parts. We have painstakingly exactly reproduced each machined detail of the receiver. All of the parts fit as listed below.

Features of Phila. Ordnance 80% Machined MG-34 Receiver:
  • Machined from solid 8620 steel bar (same as used for Garand and M-14)
  • 100% machined exterior, all contours and surfaces fully machined
  • Accepts original W.W.II MG-34 parts
  • Barrel jacket fits on hinge pin, rotates, and locks like original
  • Barrel can be removed/installed
  • Feed tray snaps into place
  • Cover assembly attaches using original spring loaded hinge pin
  • Buttstock/buffer assembly attaches with interrupted thread like original, locks with original catch
  • Cocking handle slides in track and interlocks with barrel jacket
  • Trigger frame assembly attaches with original pins
  • Safety fits, rotates, and locks trigger like original
  • Ejection port cover fits and snaps open when trigger is pulled
  • Complete Dewat fits in Lafette mount
  • Price: $695.00
  • add $30.00 for Military Blue or $20.00 for Parkerized
  • add freight and insurance

Note on MG-34 80% receiver:

It is not legal to finish this receiver into a machine gun without the proper license. You can make a non-firearm (DEWAT, blank gun). You do not need to be a licensed manufacturer to make a legal type (semi-auto, single shot) firearm for your own use as long as it is not
for resale. This receiver is gun quality, but requires complicated machine work. Contact ATF for guidelines on the manufacture of legal semi-auto rifles or blank fining devices.